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Featured Projects

Diodes – Types and Applications

In semiconductor and electronics industry, a diode is a widely used discrete component. It is a significant element in many electronic circuits and applications ranging from low power signal circuits to power rectification. Based on the functions and ratings, there are different types of diodes. However, all semiconductor diodes contain a PN junction to perform their basic operation.

DIY Digital AC Watt Meter

Have you ever been curious about the power consumption of an appliance? For example did you wonder how much it will cost you to leave your television in standby mode whole night? Or did you want to learn how much change your refrigerator settings will make on your electric bill? If your answer is yes, you can use a wattmeter to measure the power consumption of a device. In this project we are building one.

DIY Lithium Battery Charger Shield for Arduino

In this project, we are building a programmable single/multi cell lithium battery charger shield for Arduino. The shield provides LCD and button interface which let the user set the battery cut-off voltage from 2V to 10V and charge current from 50mA to 1.1A. The charger also provides the ability to monitor the battery status before and during charge.

DIY 30W Adjustable Electrical Load

In this project, we are building a useful board which should take place on your bench. It is an adjustable electrical load which can sink up to 5A @ 30W continuously.

DIY LM1876 Dual 20W Audio Power Amplifier

We are building another enjoyable weekend DIY project. This is an audio power amplifier based on LM1876 which can deliver up to 20W per channel into 4 or 8 ohm load and guarantees less than 0.1% THD + N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise).

DIY Arduino 433MHz RF Receiver and Quad SPDT Relay Shield

You are planning to use Arduino in your project but you need some kind of remote control functionality. A standalone Arduino won’t provide what you need but this DIY shield may be a good solution for you. It includes a 433.92Mhz RF receiver which lets you send commands to Arduino wirelessly and four SPDT relays which can be used for switching purposes.

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