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Streamlining the PCB Design and Manufacturing Process for the Do-It-Yourself Engineer
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Solo PCB Design software quickly defines your schematic circuit and transforms it into a working PCB without having to be an expert in PCB engineering or manufacturing

Free Commercially-Proven PCB Design Software to Design Without Limitation.

Our Free PCB Design software design suite consists of sophisticated schematic capture, layout, and autorouting tools. Solo PCB Design delivers unrestricted full featured capability, not a limited version of another program and supports a range of capabilities from small single sided to large 16 layer PCBs with advanced technologies.


Our board manufacturing service
is efficient and affordable

choose A PCB manufacturing partner and build with confidence.

We partner with industry leading PCB manufacturers around the world to give you the largest selection of manufacturing options for your PCB project.  We integrate each manufacturing partner’s design rules right into the software and automate the transfer of your manufacturing data to help ensure your PCBs are built without delay or defect.

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